Kick the Bucket Car Wash Baldwinsville, NY

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Kick the Bucket Car Wash
120 Oswego St
Baldwinsville, NY
Phone: 315-6892164
Hours: 24 hours/ 7 days a week
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A clean car is like the sunshine on a clear, bright day!

Whether you like to wash it yourself or have it washed for you, Kick the Bucket Car Wash offers a Professional Clean! 

Our  TOUCHLESS Laserwash 4000 In-bay Automatic offers underbody wash, superior wash solutions, clear coat protection, and LUSTRASHIELD paint renewal application. 

  • Brand NEW paystations accept cash, VS/MC/DS,and Gift/Club cards for faster and more convenient service.
  • WASHCLUB members SAVE 10% on EVERY wash, get a FREE birthday wash, and receive other valuable money-saving offers. Join Today- it's EASY!

                    1. Visit our website & order a Gift Card.        

                    2.  Register that card online

                    3. SAVE 10% every time you purchase a wash with your card.

Manage your WASHCLUB account right from the website! 

  •  GIFT CARDS available- get the PERFECT gift for everyone right from our website!
  • FUNDRAISING and FLEET accts are available.  Send us an email to see how we can best serve you!

3 Self Service Bays offer many wash options: pre-soak (bug remover),  tire cleaner, excellent wash solutions,  foam brush, spot-free rinse

              NEW SERVICES:  Triple Foam wax application and                       Hand-held DRYERS in each BAY! 

Vacuums and Car Care vending products are also available!

 Kick the Bucket Car Wash has been proudly serving the Baldwinsville Community since 1998.  As Professional carwashers, our goal is to help you protect and increase the life of your vehicle.  We have dedicated ourselves to providing the MOST enhanced cleaning solutions so that your car will not only shine Brighter, but also Longer! 

Come visit us, and see the difference TODAY!